The Anti-form digs too deep, and pulls darkness and power from pieces of a heart that is not completely Sora’s.  Everything continues to go wrong from there (ie. an idea I want to do more with, because dark Sora is fun as heck, but who am I kidding I am lazy)
Inspired by this gif because I’m a big willy, and obviously this song was on repeat the entire time I worked on this



"Maybe the darkness has gotten to me too…"

Just a quick simple drawing that I thought I’d turn into a gif.



Much as anti-form may have been a nuisance in terms of gameplay (no experience for your kills, booooooo!), I would be lying if I said I didn’t love the hell out of it.
Aghhgh I just love the way this little dude MOVES. I doodled most of these during a cutscene immediately after a boss battle wherein antisora wrecked everyone’s shit. (just kinda from memory, I guess, since antiform doesn’t stick around during cutscenes. HUGE PITY.)
Leave the lights on by ~redwings2


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